Here goes nothing...

So if you are reading this blog you probably know by the title that I finally took the leap and actually shot someone else besides my own children!!!!! That's right I had my official first photography shoot and Cortney Smith Photography has become a reality! It's been so fun to jump into this and actually spend some time really investing in the hobby. I don't know where God will take this,  but I sure am having fun! I am so thankful for all the people who believe in me, I am partially doing this for you too!  So thanks for all the encouragement. If I can manage 4 children, 16 basketball players, a husband on the brink of season, a messy house, daily homework, 3 soccer practices, a bible study, and a smelly dog, then what's a small side business really going to hurt? So here goes nothing!

This is Haley!!!! She is officially my first client! I think we both had way to much fun. In the end she was full of pink taffy and my camera was full of pictures!

Welcome to Cortney Smith Photography!