Last Sunday I did a session in the freezing cold... seriously I think it was like 40" degrees outside! There was no way any little kid could handle this cold weather and after much thought I called the client to make sure she felt her nieces and nephews could bare the freezing wind! Without a second thought she said we are ready!!!! Now that is a teenager for you! 

We had a blast running from scene to scene, squeezing them together and showing off some of that "sibling love!" They did inform me that this was the best they had gotten along in awhile! Even Luke gave me a smile... the girls said it was for their mama! 

I have decided that teenagers are pretty fun to work with! Sometimes you get the naturals who love the camera, sometimes you get the "too cools" who just charm the camera, but all together deep down I know they love it! Who doesn't like getting their picture made, even if it is 40" degrees outside!