Baby Avery has arrived... Sewanee Newborn Photogrpaher

 Had the pleasure of not only capturing this little girls first day, first hour of life... I was able to capture her at 6 days old too! What a beautiful baby! I had a blast with her today, and we have decided that she is her sister's twin! Beautiful baby Avery!

It's been awhile since I have held a newborn, so you can imagine the thrill I had of taken pictures of this beautiful baby! Last Friday was a really special day for me, it was my very first "Labor and Delivery"  photography session! I love it for so many reasons! It was a beautiful time to spend watching family and friends grow in excitement towards this new birth, it was also a beautiful moment filled with memories of what new life brings... JOY!!!! It really brought back such sweet memories of my own kids and the memories of their "birth" days! This is what I love... capturing sweet moments of newness, of excitement, of togetherness, of joy... what a precious miracle Miss Avery is. A reminder to me that only someone way bigger than myself could create something so precious, it was pleasure to be with the Gibson's that day!

Here is a link to her slideshow incase you missed it....