Good conversation, lots of laughs, great friends, old times... /Sewanee Photography

I think the best cure for a heartache or disappointment sometimes can be friends! I don't know if all of you are fortunate enough to have friends that love you through thick and thin... but we do! 
The Warners came to visit this weekend... and just like old times we sat around and laughed, mainly at each other! We ate bad food and for the first time we watched our kids enjoy each other, without us! WE ARE GROWING UP! It was terrific! We share a lot in common with our kids and families, but a major part of both our lives is coaching basketball. If one of us goes through something good or bad,  typically the other one has been there. It is always so relieving to be able to hear their voice after a big win or a tough loss!   So after two very sweet and productive seasons between the two of us, we were glad to come together again, thanks to their travel, and be in a crowd who not only cares if you win or loose... but loves you through them! 

We love you Warners!!!