The Waltons {Nashville Family Photography}

I was able to spend some time in Nashville this weekend with some special friends (thanks to my hubby!)
I was actually at a Nation of Coaches wives retreat, solely geared toward the "coach's wife," that would be me!!! I had a great time with old friends and was able to come away relaxed and ready for a brand new basketball season! In the spring we go on a Marriage Retreat with this same group and many years we have traveled to Dominican Republic or "the D.R." to love on and share the gospel with some sweet little girls at the orphanage there. It brings out a mix of emotions as we all get to love on these little girls. We bring in candy, games, and lots of affection over the few hours we are able to spend with them. When it is time to leave them, it breaks all our hearts as we are reminded of our own children in the states and how these precious little girls have no parents to love on them.  They cry, we cry... it is really pathetic!

Over the past couple of years a few of our friends have had a stirring in their heart to adopt and foster some of the girls they have grown really close to. This is a huge process and one that takes miracles many times in order to jump through the circles of all the legal mess involved. 
With that being said we rejoiced a couple weeks back as one set of our friends was given the okay for fostering Christina, whom God had been laying on their hearts!!! When I was in Nashville this weekend there was no hesitation in being part of such a sweet moment for this family. It was amazing to watch this beautiful young lady transform from the "D.R." to the states in such a covered and loved way. 

I think we all know that when God puts something on your heart... there is no one and nothing that can take that away if HE wants it to happen. She couldn't be apart of a better family, I am so thankful to know them and see the way God has answered such a precious prayer in their hearts!

Meet our friends The Waltons....