A break from mini sessions for our sponsers....INTRODUCING COOP-DOG!!!!

I thought I would give you a quick break from mini sessions to bring in an advertisement from one of our sponsers "THE BLACK FADORA"....

They have a special model that they asked me to use for this hat and it so happened to be my little nephew COOP DOG!!!!!!!

We thought we would try a few different modeling styles to give this hat a fresh vibe....
Here is the "throw your tounge out" look

or how about "the side tilt" very smooth!

We also gave it what I like to call "the all-american GAP look"

The "mischievous" look ( one of his favorites!)

This is the "I am rockin' my hat" look.

Then finally we went all out with the "dramatic lighting" look and I thought he nailed it! :)          

So I had a great day yesterday shooting my nieces and nephew!  It was a good break from a long weekend of shooting and it was fun to be able to play around with them.  Now off to Nashville for a few more sessions and then to a beautiful wedding for Ryan and Chelsea on Saturday in Murfreesboro!
I love you guys.... more to come of my sweet nieces and nephew soon....

Now back to our regular blog posting of beautiful people in their best mini session poses!!! :)

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