me being cheesy... {personal photography}

So much of my work this Fall has been based around my business and clients. I am just now learning how busy your fall can be and it has taken quite a toll on me as far as learning how to prioritize this whole business and family at the same time... whew! Either way I will make it through the fall in one piece, but only by God's grace will I make it with the right perspective, which in any occupation motherhood, accounting, retail, coaching, photography... THAT IS HARD TO DO!

Just wanted to send a shout out the man who really rocks my world...

I have been with this guy going on 12 years. I feel like for the first 8 we have been surviving young children and only in the last 4 has our marriage become such a refuge and strength in my life. Some of that may be maturity, some of it is just learning how to really lean on each other. Some of it is just the Lord sanctifying each of us at different stages. Either way,  I don't even know how we got to the place we are now? With four kids life seems to go so fast? I heard someone once say that when raising children the days are long but the years are short... I find that to be so true. I have had quite a few long days in my time, but looking over it everything seems to have past by so fast. It's hard to believe we have a 4th grader and E is in kindergarten???? Wow! With that being said, God has brought us through some tough years with young kids. I have battled my will in wanting to be in control, selfish, and down right rude when not getting enough sleep at night. Infact I find myself still battling those feelings just not as much as I use to. Starting this business has been such a huge blessing. I am able to enjoy my work and also create a little extra spending money for my shopping habits! :) It has also created in me a side I never knew exsisted. One I don't like too much...

I guess I have a type A personality one that needs approval, that won't quit until it's perfect, a selfish ambition that can sometimes control me, if I am just being honest. I realize that I don't handle stress all that well and can get pretty overwhelmed when it all hits at once. Somehow it always all hits at once!!!! As I am learning to create a small business I have had to reliquish control in other areas (which is typically hard for me). Can I just tell you that God has been so good to bless me with someone who compliments my faults so well.... 
Without fail my partner picks up my slack. He has been a never ending amount of encouragement. Sometimes although I hate it, his practical sermons bring me back to a place of simplicity that I rarely visit. He is kind and loving, he never complains, and he serves me as if he was serving himself. I am telling you right now, I could not survive without him. I thank God for him everyday! I have never been surrounded by more of a servant leader than the man I live with. I am very, very, very, blessed and I just wanted to praise the Lord for the gifts he has given me and send a sweet shout to the man who has my heart....
Bubba there is no amount of words that can tell you how much I adore you! I sit sometimes and wonder how I got so lucky! Thank you for blessing me with your gentleness, sincerity, and love. It makes me a better person everyday. Gosh, I never knew what real love was until I was able to grow older with you!

I love you!


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