Mr. Morris smiles for me! Spring Mini #3 (Sewanee Children's Photography)

He was sly and cool when I came up and shook his hand. It was only a front,  and I knew from the beginning! ;) Sometimes mamas have to bribe, and make promises to get their kids pictures made, heck I do too!  Typically I can tell right off the bat if the kid has come kicking and screaming, I love that kind of challenge! In Mr. Morris case he just came with a straight gambling stare!  Although he thought that stare would work, we used it to our advantage!!!!!! By the end of our session, he was smiling, mom was smiling,  and I had convinced him to wear a
cute "swag" hat.  All was well and we got some pretty amazing and beautiful pictures for them to keep forever. 

Mr. Morris my hat is off to you! You made me a better photographer and you gave your mama exactly what she wanted... just being YOU!!!

ENJOY my view of Mr. Morris!