Samson your so handsome! More spring minis! (Sewanee Children's Photography)

When Samson came up I was not expecting what I got. This kid is 2 and probably communicates better than most! He literally did everything I asked him to do. After our session I was hoping I could bring him home... I think Mame would have a hard time with that one. :)

He was adorable.... never missed a beat and smiled on cue. He even did a little fake laugh when I needed him to. What? Yes, sometimes during sessions I require a fake laugh! It's all part of the experience.
AND "EXPERIENCE" is WHAT I GOT! Either they bribed him the whole way there or mama just has an unusually smart 2 year old. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed our time!

What a cutie!


  1. What adorable pictures! (But I had to chuckle at the title and it's "your" instead of "you're")

  2. Haha! Thanks so much for the chuckle... if you read my blog on a daily basis you will see why I am a photographer and not an english major! hahahahahaha!

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