Lori and Kevin ENGAGED! All the way from Nashville... Sewanee Engagement Photography!

Lori jumped out of the car, full of smiles and beautiful by the way. She had on a sexy red blouse and a mustard yellow scarf, yummy colors!!!!  She grabbed me by the arm and with a huge grin said, "this is Kevin!" I could tell how much she loved him right from the start. He came over with a distant, but sweet smerk on his face. There was no way he could fully grasp what he was about to get himself in to.  I could tell he would be a little tough to crack as he begin to size up the situation... after all, he is a lawyer and I am about to take him out to a wildflower field!  Oh, did I mention that she is a lawyer too? Yes, both are smart and beautiful. UGH... makes me sick! :) They are both lawyers, working at the same firm. That's where they met and that's how their story began...

I was honored to have you come my way! You guys are beautiful inside and out and I wish you nothing but the best!!!!

 First met  12. 12. 2009
First date   06. 15. 2010
Engagement  12. 16. 2011
Wedding  09. 22. 2012