My big brother. The Burnette Family. Sewanee FaMiLY Photograpy

She loves her big brother. Meaning she adores him. It is written all over her face. I thought for a few minutes when we started the session that he might get annoyed or put out with having to take pictures with his little sister. I truly think he loves her just as much. Honestly, it kind makes me sick! ha! No, I know that someday my kids will act this way in front of the camera too. Well, probably not, but I wish they would.

And if their sweet fondness isn't enough. Get a look at the beautiful clothing her mama made for her. Look out Matilda Jane, Luci LuLu is in town. You can check out all her great stuff here...

I had way to much fun with this brother and sister combo. I think the sneak peak speaks for itself.