Summa time, Smith style....

Summa time 2012 is here! It's been so long since I blogged and I had to sit down for a bit and share a little bit of the beginning of Smith summer! Yes, we have already been to the beach, had a birthday party, and lots of crazy sunshine with lazy mornings of sleeping in!!!!  It's been great! I love summer because we have no schedule. We are free to run, play, and go as much as we want. So that is what we do! In between my sessions and three weddings this June I will try to keep you updated on all our little adventures. It may be fall before you see another blog like this so soak it up!!!!!

Happy Summa' 2012

As we speak we are listening to  "Something Beautiful" by Need to Breathe. Bubba and I love their music. It's beautiful and reminds of God's goodness!  Izzy and Emma are ready to break down with some Will Smith " Summer time" so if  you stick long enough you can hear that too!