Alice the "Red Head" and Wonderland...| Sewanee Conceptual Session

This was such a fun session! It took a couple of months to bring all the ideas together but the afternoon was beautiful and it went off without a hitch! We did an Alice and Wonderland theme with Bridgette, thanks to the help Addie at Sinclair's Emporium. She rocked a fushia red hair style and we kicked Alice up a knotch!!! She was stunning! Miss Claire played a perfect Goldie Locks and those bears didn't go hungry!!! I just loved her little checkered blue dress and the sunlight on her back just brought in all the softness that she was!!!
 We ended the session with beautiful light on a gorgeous farm with this perfect lil' family! It was the first time anyone has asked for a session like this! I was thrilled to be apart of it and bring a little extra creativity to the mix! What a perfect afternoon... and too think I do this for a living???